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11:00 - 13th April 2013, by NEO Staff

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword 1

Enter Rayan Yan and Shyao Lin, two individuals whose personality differences are undoubtedly due to the fact that they're brother and sister in every way but blood. While Rayan is cold and cautious towards anyone other than his older sister; Shyao is a headstrong sorceress whose ditzy temperament plunges the pair into countless avoidable, life threatening situations.

Korea's Zhou Dynasty, 12th year of Moosungje's reign. War has escalated to the point of engulfing even the outer most territories. Rayan and Shyao's luxury of being sheltered from wartime politics soon becomes a distant memory when Rayan is obligated to unseal the spirit of the PaSa sword (a cursed blade forged from the bones of the demon king) to thwart an attempt on the life of the Jaryoon, the pacifist King of Hahyun.

While Rayan has reservations about forming an allegiance with a politician, pressure from the newly love-struck Shyao soon sees Rayan waver, as it dawns on him that this allegiance might herald the opportunity of quenching the PaSa swords disturbingly vocal thirst for demonic blood.

The awakening of the PaSa sword and the appearance of its keeper offers up an opportunity that the demonic royalty of the King of Four Heavens and Prime Minister Shiyan cannot overlook. With the PaSa sword and the King of Hahyun in close proximity, King White Tiger vows to return with the sword and the king's head. For Rayan, Shyao and Jaryoon, ominous figures from the past are about to descend from the heavens.

Foremost a sinister tale of political corruption and demonic pacts, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword is a grave tale that is ultimately masked by copious comical antics. While the balance between these elements is generally proportional, on occasion you can't help feel that creator Yuy Beop-Ryong is adversely diluting the tale's darker elements.

With Park Hui-Jin's artwork sporting some tremendously well visualised super deformed characters and action sequences that are best described as "swirly", Chronicles of the Cursed Sword has all the key components that constitute an epic title. The possible scope of afflictions that Shyao could instigate in the remaining eighteen volumes is enough to have you grinning like an idiot in anticipation.

SCORE: 3.5/5
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