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11:00 - 20th April 2013, by Rob Burman


Shonen Jump has often been the birthplace of fantastic manga, and you can see the magazine's heritage in Naruto. From the first few pages it's clear to see it has a style all of its own. This isn't just something to read, while glancing at the images. This is something you need to soak in and take your time with. Hardly any panel has large expanses of white space; Kishimoto has ensured energy and intricate details have been packed onto every page - and it's a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Brilliantly, the writing has not suffered due to the amount of time spent on the artwork. And even after being translated, Naruto retains a lot of pace, wit and emotion in its dialogue. Also, unlike the anime, there aren't long scenes of people simply thinking. The manga splits such scenes up through several panels and, as such, seems to maintain a sense of speed that can sometimes be missing in the anime. In fact, the stories rocket along in the manga and the volumes come packed with a lot of (admittedly quite short) chapters - perfect for a quick read on the move.

By now we've covered the story of Naruto extensively so we won't go over it again. But the anime does stick almost exclusively to the manga, so be prepared for spoilers aplenty. In some ways, you might have to make the choice between either the manga and the anime because by volume four, you've almost finished the first TV season. Both are brilliant, so it could come as a tough choice.

SCORE: 5/5
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