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11:30 - 9th May 2013, by David West

Redakai: Conquer The Kairu - Season 1: Part 1

Ky and his pals Maya and Boomer are Team Stax, young Kairu warriors who travel the world collecting Kairu energy that they use to unleash powerful Kairu attacks during the Kairu Challenge matches against the evil forces of Lokar. And they sure use the word Kairu a lot. Redakai: Conquer The Kairu is a cartoon made to promote a trading card game, so it should come as no surprise that it features product placement at every opportunity.

The show has a similar premise to Pokémon, with the heroes visiting different exotic locales every episode to find new sources of Kairu energy and gaining new abilities in the process. The format is actually rather more formulaic than Pokémon. Every episode contains two Kairu Challenge fights. In the first one, the heroes use their powers, then in the second, bigger battle, they transform into monsters (all introduced via their trading cards). Each episode begins and ends with some comedy courtesy of the kids' alien friend Mookee. And that's every show in a nutshell. The dialogue is filled with positive exclamations related to what time it is - 'Time to move!', 'Time to kick some Kairu butt!' and so on. The heroes look clean cut and friendly, while there are three separate trios working for the evil Lokar to provide some variety, although none of them are a match for Ky and Team Stax. How could they be?

Redakai delivers undemanding, colourful Kairu action sure to help sell more Kairu trading cards. PS - Kairu.
SCORE: 2/5
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