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09:00 - 17th May 2013, by David West

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

Lelouch (rhymes with douche, which is unfortunate) Lamperouge lives in Area 11, which used to be called Japan before the evil Britannia Empire conquered the country with their powerful Knightmare Frames (mecha) and terrible accents. The Britannians murdered Lelouch's mother and crippled his sister, so when a magical girl grants him the power to make anyone obey his commands, Lelouch adopts the guise of the masked mastermind Zero and launches a campaign to bring the Empire to its knees.

Code Geass is a series with plenty of faults, but enough strengths to outweigh the shortcomings. Lelouch is arrogant, self-righteous and frankly not very likeable, but where that might sink most series, the character is always interesting. The supporting cast is patchy, with Lelouch's sister the most underdeveloped character, and little more than a plot device. The script is unashamedly and sometimes uncomfortably nationalistic, full of references to how clever, bold, resourceful the Japanese are. Not like those evil Brits, damn them.

CLAMP's character designs are strong, although all the members of the anti-Britannia resistance wear red headbands, which ought to make them much easier to track down. The animation is smooth and detailed, while the action scenes are exciting. There are some of the standard anime plot devices that require the suspension of disbelief - why is Lelouch still going to school when he's leading an armed rebellion? Because education is important, kids. That's why.

A snooty but compelling hero, plenty of plot twists and cool mecha battles. Join the rebellion!
SCORE: 4/5
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