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09:00 - 1st June 2013, by Amanda Young

Clannad After Story: Part 2

This continuation of a continuation of the slice of life show Clannad continues much as you would expect a slice of life show to continue. That is to say, for those not really into the gentle pace of this type of show, this will all seem unspeakably boring. But for anyone who takes pleasure in the quiet contemplation of characters' interpersonal relationships, there's a definite satisfaction to be had from the conclusion of this series. By satisfaction, of course, we mean copious amounts of tragedies, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. If you thought that Tomoya wasn't having a hard enough time of times previously, this will be right up your street.

On these discs are episodes 12 to 25 - the original show lasted for a 22 episode run, and Manga has included the three extra episodes, one of which is a conclusion, one of which is a summary of the series, and the finale of which is events taking place in an alternate timeline.

All in all, Clannad After Story lives up to the promise of its earlier episodes, and although some mind find it as heartbreakingly predictable as an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show, this at least proves that there will always be an audience for the miseries of man.

A pastel coloured tear-fest.
SCORE: 3/5
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