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08:51 - 3rd June 2013, by David West


Aoi Kazuya is the new kid in class at West Genetics school, where the students fall into two categories. The girls train to become Pandoras, super-powered warriors used to fight alien invaders known as Novas. The Pandoras compete against each other in a contest called the Carnival to determine their rankings at the school, but no Pandora, however highly ranked, can hope to stand alone against a Nova. The aliens have the power to freeze living beings, so each Pandora must be partnered with a boy called a Limiter who can counteract the Nova's freezing abilities.

One of the toughest students at West Genetics is Satellizer El Bridget. While she is highly skilled in combat, she despises any form of physical contact with her peers, and the rest of the students call her the Untouchable Queen and stay well clear. Aoi Kazuya has barely set foot inside the school before he lands face first in Bridget's cleavage. His clumsy arrival costs Bridget the fight she was engaged in, so to try to make it up to her, Kazuya decides to become her Limiter - whether she wants his help or not.

Freezing joins Ikki Tousen and Sekirei in the ever growing ranks of fanservice shows about busty girls battling each other. What separates it from the many other fighting female series is the nature of the fanservice. Freezing frequently sets up situations where the girls are stripped nude or have their clothes torn and then are sadistically humiliated by their opponents. It makes for unpleasant viewing, and the vast majority of the female characters are presented in a very negative fashion. The girls that Bridget fights are often repulsive, cruel perverts with a penchant for degradation worthy of the Marquis de Sade. In a particularly gross moment, one of her opponents strikes Bridget in the crotch during their battle. This would be ghastly enough, but is made all the worse by the fact that the fights are intended to be titillating.

Aoi Kazuya is not the most likeable hero in anime, either. He seems to have no concept of personal space, and throughout the early episodes, he repeatedly grabs Bridget - even though he knows she does not like to be touched. Of course, the Untouchable Queen goes weak at the knees when Kazuya touches her in an example of heavy-handed plot foreshadowing. The first story arc is repetitive, as a parade of different girls who threaten Bridget's ranking are introduced, and then defeated. In the middle, another newcomer to the school, Rana Lichen, provides Bridget with a rival for Kazuya's attention, before the Novas launch an attack on West Genetics, and everyone has to put aside their differences to try to save the school.

The animation is of a good standard. Fight scenes are heavy on blood, panty shots and bare breasts and in a manner pro wrestlers would admire, the good guys always start out taking a beating before summoning up an untapped reserve of power to smite their enemies.

Freezing may be brimful of naked girls, but the misanthropic tone means that the show will leave all but the most hardcore fanservice addicts feeling cold. There are other series that do the battling babes format with more humour, warmth and likeable characters than those on display here. All too often Freezing is just sleazy. Stay classy, anime producers.
SCORE: 1/5
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