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15:00 - 9th June 2013, by David West

Sekirei: Pure Engagement - The Complete Series 2

Minato and his squad of buxom battling girls return for another round of fanservice and fighting. The Sekirei are people with fantastic abilities who can only achieve their full power by joining with a human called an Ashikabi. They are forced to participate in The Sekirei Plan, competing against one another in a contest run by the MBI Corporation.

Minato fits the mould of hapless harem protagonist perfectly - he is a nice guy who genuinely cares about the Sekirei who have chosen him to be their Ashikabi. He is honest, kind, and surrounded by outrageously busty girls. For a harem action series, Sekirei: Pure Engagement rises above the norm by virtue of good design and animation, and a script that makes the effort to include characterisation and a decent plot. The fanservice can be ridiculous - many of the Sekirei seem to have mastered fighting techniques that tear their opponent's clothes without injuring them - but at least they have personalities. That's particularly important, because the show has a large cast - there are 108 Sekirei plus their associated Ashikabi, friends and family. Sure, some of the girls fit anime archetypes - Tsukiumi is the fierce one, Musubi is the sweet one, Matsu is the smart one (which we know because she wears glasses) - but with so many characters that is almost to be expected. Action scenes are varied and fast-paced and the plot continues its steady advance.

Pure Engagement is pure fluff, but it is quality fluff with plenty of heart (and bosoms).
SCORE: 3/5
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