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08:27 - 28th June 2013, by Amanda Young

The Dreaming Collection

This beautifully crafted gothic horror story is set in the heart of the Australian bush lands, and follows a set of twins, Amber and Jeanie, as they embark on one of the most terrifying school adventures since Harry Potter started his first day at Hogwarts. Crazy, axe-wielding vice-principals, macabre art, a sealed room and rumours of missing Victorian school girls are just some of the deliciously spooky elements of this spell-binding tale, and as this is the complete collection, the entire story is here for you to devour in one go.

Artist Queenie Chan proves herself to be a master of the gothic genre in this masterful offering, as she manages to employ the best horror staples without ever feeling hackneyed or derivative. Even better, Chan manages to anchor her story in the traditions of Australian tales like Picnic at Hanging Rock, making the best of her refreshingly different location and even incorporating some elements of aborigine myth.

Whilst we're sure some purists will take issue with the art, which feels very much like a western manga copy of the Japanese style rather than a confident style of its own, there's no denying Chan's talent for both style and substance, as she produces a polished manga series any artist would be proud of calling their own.

An accomplished, confident, and above all, spooky story, with all the classic horror elements.
SCORE: 4/5
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