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09:11 - 8th July 2013, by Amanda Young

Shakugan No Shana Box Set

What do you call someone who has died, but is still walking around, unaware they've passed on? Chances are, you'd call them a zombie, right? (Bonus points for saying 'Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense.) Well, you're wrong - on both counts. The unaware undead are actually called Torches - victims of an interdimensional battle between the warriors of the Crimson World, and a protector of our world, called a Flame Haze. The magical creatures from the Crimson World steal the Power of Existence from humans, leaving them hollow shells, apt to disappear without a trace. Our hero Yuji, faces a similar fate - he's dead, and doesn't realise it - but it becomes apparent that he's no mere Torch. He's actually a Mystes, with a valuable treasure hidden inside. Luckily for him, he meets up with the Flame Haze (who he calls Shana), who is anxious to keep her eye on him. As this is an anime series, the only real way to do that is for her to enrol at his school...

A fun-packed fantasy action adventure, Shana features compelling character dynamics and a fast-paced plot (which is occasionally rescued from corners by sleight of hand magic tricks - literally), making it a great bet for fans of this genre. Although it can get a little wordy at times, it means well, and has plenty of depth.

Fun, action packed, and ultimately satisfying, this boxed set of Shana is great value entertainment.
SCORE: 4/5
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