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15:00 - 13th July 2013, by Matt Kamen

Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie

This 1994 animated outing based on Capcom's illustrious fighting games was infamous in the VHS era for its violence, sweary dub and a certain shower scene. Surprisingly, it's aged rather well for the most part, and the globe-trotting tale of Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li and co facing off against M. Bison's terrorist organisation Shadowlaw still brims with well-animated action and entertaining battles throughout.

Overall, Kenichi Imai's screenplay does a good job of showcasing the numerous popular characters from the games, taking good advantage of Ryu's international wandering to have others cross his path. Some fights still feel tacked on though, Zangief versus Blanka in particular.

Making its high definition debut, Street Fighter II looks lovely - the remastering work is superb, with solid black levels and clear line detail with minimal colour bleed. This is only let down by a couple of moments of artifacting (scenes with lightning flashes are the main culprits) and one or two subtitle errors.

While both the original Japanese and the heavier, rock-meets-techno English soundtracks are included, that original adults-only English dub is absent. The movie instead uses a tamer recording, which also criminally omits Vega's sadistic lines mid-fight with Chun-Li.

A flawed but acceptable presentation of a great 'guilty pleasure' movie.

Fans of the original UK dub will want to hang onto Manga's 2007 DVD release, but for image quality this is the version to go for. Sadly, no extras are included on this release.
SCORE: 3/5
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