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15:00 - 27th July 2013, by David West


Kagura and Yomi are members of the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasure Division - the S.D.C.D. for short - that battle against the forces of evil in modern Tokyo. The two girls are close as sisters, and Yomi has always looked out for the younger, more emotionally fragile Kagura. But when Yomi turns against the S.D.C.D., Kagura faces a terrible choice - to fight against her dearest friend or watch everyone around her die.
Ga-Rei-Zero is the prequel to Hajime Segawa's manga and director Ei Aoki hits the ground running, opening the story with an outrageously bold piece of misdirection that works as a brilliant sucker punch to knock the viewer off balance. And the hits keep coming with big fight scenes, monsters galore and key characters killed off without mercy. The biggest creatures are rendered using CG and could be more smoothly integrated into the animation, but with the intensity of the battle scenes such minor details are easily forgiven. The fanservice scenes are superfluous but mercifully few and far between.

The script creates a detailed backdrop for the tale, as the S.D.C.D. butts heads with the Ministry Of Defence troops who share the responsibility for fighting ghosts and monsters, while Yomi is caught up in the internal power struggles of her adopted clan, the Isayama family. Amongst the bloodshed and severed limbs, the story is a powerful tragedy about two girls who lose everything they care about.

Sacrifice, monsters, drama, friendship and spectacular fights - what more could you want from an action series?
SCORE: 4.5/5
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