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09:00 - 28th July 2013, by David West

Mayo Chiki

Kinjiro Sakamachi suffers from an acute fear of physical contact with women, the result of years of being the unwilling practice dummy for his pro wrestling mom and martial arts mad sister. Subaru Konoe is the butler to Kanade Suzutsuki, the wealthiest girl in school, but Subaru has a secret - he is actually a girl. She is the only heir of a family of butlers, and to prove that a girl can do a man's job, she has to pass herself off as a boy for three years. When Kinjiro accidentally discovers Konoe's secret, he agrees to help maintain her deception - but keeping secrets is never easy.

Mayo Chiki is a harem comedy, with Kinjiro surrounded by a growing circle of girls who all want different things from him. The sadistic Kanade delights in exploiting Kinjiro's fear of physical contact, while busty otaku Nakuru uses Kinjiro and Konoe as the inspiration for her slash fiction. Slapstick and physical comedy abound alongside a slowly developing romance between the two leads. There is some fairly raunchy fanservice and plenty of double entendres, but it makes a pleasant change for a harem show to give the hero a proper reason for avoiding all the pretty girls in his life. This is a subtitle only release, and actress Yuka Iguchi does a great job modulating her voice to reflect how hard Kunoe is trying to appear masculine.

A blend of butlers, babes and boisterous silliness. Well done, Jeeves. Now bring the car around.
SCORE: 3/5
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