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09:00 - 12th August 2013, by NEO Staff

Tiger & Bunny, Vol 1

Based on the hit show from Manga Entertainment, the manga version of Tiger & Bunny is an adaptation of the anime, rather than the other way around. Don't let that spoil your fun, though, there's still plenty to like here, from the crisp and clean artwork of Mizuki Sakakibara, which perfectly captures the action of the original action-packed show, to the faithful adaptation of the story.

Tiger & Bunny is set in Stern Bild, a city full of superheroes, all of whom are ready and waiting to save the day - for fame! These super powered people are known as NEXT, and their ilk first appeared in the world 45 years prior to the opening of the story. Since then, they've found a niche saving folks and scoring points, working as heroes for hire on the television show Hero TV. Of course, not all the NEXT use their powers for good - and it's these guys that the heroes have to fight against - when they're not fighting each other for ratings, that is! A sly, subversive take on consumer culture sees these would-be crime-fighters promoting their corporate sponsors at every opportunity, and the set-up feels sure to deliver some great conflict in the future. However, this first installation of the story is over all too soon, as we only really get a chance to meet the major players briefly before they're thrown into the action. Wild Tiger, the jaded veteran of the show, finds himself thrown in with cocky newcomer Barnaby Brooks Jr, a mere rookie - and one who even shares his super power, too! The cheek!

As an introduction to Tiger & Bunny, this is a great first volume - although it did feel like it came to an end far too quickly.

If you loved the Tiger & Bunny show, check this manga adaptation out!
SCORE: 4/5
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