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15:09 - 28th August 2013, by NEO Staff

Sankarea - Volume 1

Chihiro is a guy after our own hearts - obsessed with zombies, he loves watching movies where the undead swarm the lands, attacking the few plucky survivors who remain. However, where we, and probably you, differ from Chihiro is that he's actually rooting for the zombies - or, more importantly, the zombie chicks! There's nothing Chihiro would like more than to comfort an undead lady, and this being manga, it's not very long before he gets just that chance. You see, Chihiro stumbles across the recipe for a resurrection potion, and decides to test it out - and winds up turning one of the most popular girls at school into a shambling spectre! But Sanka Rea is far from a helpless victim in all this; in fact, she relishes the opportunity to escape her restrictive life as the heiress of a fortune and daughter of a rather over-protective and lecherous father. However, the path to zombie-hood is obscured by more than a few unseen stumbling blocks...

Putting aside the rather bizarre subplot regarding Sanka Rea's potentially incestuous father, and you have a comedy that walks on the dark side, taking the concept of a zombie and turning it into something far more interesting than the usual 'running from the hordes' story. Sankarea is surprisingly good fun, and packed full of fanservice too, if that's your bag.

Silly and disposable fun, and a new take on what's becoming an increasingly stale genre.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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