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08:43 - 29th August 2013, by NEO Staff

Cowboy Bebop

And so, the space epic that is Cowboy Bebop returns to the UK shelves in the form of this shiny new Blu-ray edition, bringing with it some bittersweet nostalgia and a chance for old fans to catch up with the crew in high definition. By bittersweet, we are of course merely alluding to the sad fact that you can only watch this for the first time once, which is why we're incredibly jealous of all the Cowboy Bebop newbies who will be experiencing this lavish and rich world for the first time with this release.

Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, who also helmed Samurai Champloo and Kids on the Slope, and animated by Sunrise, who are best known for Code Geass and Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop is a seminal work of genius, the western reinvented for the space age - an action adventure laced with class and sass in equal measure. It's got a corgi who can smell data, a child genius who is also a master hacker and looks like a boy - but is in fact a girl, an ex-gangster with a cybernetic eye, a former cop who left the force because of corruption, and a femme fatale with a gambling problem - and they're all bounty hunters aboard the good (space)ship Bebop. Surely we don't need to sell it any more than that...

An absolute cult classic of a title which should be on every anime fan's shelf.
SCORE: 5/5
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