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10:00 - 31st August 2013, by David West

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Part 5: Episodes 53-64

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood wraps up in spectacular fashion as the Elric brothers and their allies face off against the soldiers of Central, the remaining Homunculi and the terrifying power and ghastly ambitions of Father. With the souls of everyone in Amestris at stake, Ed and Al know they can't afford to hold anything back in this desperate battle.

The final instalment of director Yasuhiro Irie's adaptation of Brotherhood is a knockout. The series has always had great action scenes and shown the capacity to handle events on a grand scale, but Irie outdoes himself here, juggling numerous parallel subplots without ever losing momentum or focus. The subject matter can be dark and the fights can be brutal - the confrontation between Colonel Roy Mustang and Envy is particularly vicious, with a vengeful Mustang grimly tormenting the homunculus who murdered his friend. This is definitely not a show for younger viewers when it tackles subjects like the price of vengeance and shows someone having their tongue burnt out... Granted, it's not in any gory detail, but it is still clear what is happening, which should be enough to put any kid off their Cheerios.

The donnybrook between the Armstrong siblings and the unstoppable homunculus called Sloth is bruising just to watch. Emotions run high and the English dub cast rises to the occasion, ably matching their Japanese counterparts in conveying the intensity of these life or death moments. The Blu-ray transfer looks great and was long overdue.

A high-impact finale to one of the best anime series of the last decade. Buy this.
SCORE: 5/5
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