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15:00 - 10th September 2013, by Andrew Osmond

Persona 4 The Animation: Part 3

As foggy winter falls over the small town of Inaba, Persona 4 ends with an extremely mixed bag of episodes. We get tragic soap; shameless fluff (there are hot springs); a jaw-droppingly dumb oversight by the hero; some fighting; and a humungous "You can't do THAT!" shock. After that, the series briefly promises to go all Puella Magi Madoka Magica and turn into another, darker show entirely. But it pulls itself back in, and ends with colourful but utterly standard battles.

We get the answer to the murder mystery, including a clever twist with a support character, but the culprit turns out to be one of the least interesting candidates. Many fans will rail against an outrageous bit of unexplained magic that even Walt Disney would blush at, though it makes slightly more sense given the show's based on a videogame genre in which everyday relationships are pretty much magic anyway.

The TV finale piles up fight upon fight. The box-set includes an extra OAV episode, with shades of Groundhog Day, that piles on even more battles, but it also rounds the story off better and makes it a more convincing epic.

Like previous volumes, a lot of Persona 4 is likable buffoonery, with another sly story twist to leave you gasping. But a hinted radical, risky ending is cancelled in favour of, well, the usual.
SCORE: 3/5
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