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15:00 - 11th September 2013, by David West

Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere - Complete Season 1

In the future, Earth has been destroyed, so humanity left for the stars. Then everyone came back. Perhaps the stars weren't very nice. Upon returning, they set up the Divine States to live in, but unfortunately they collided with the Divine Harmonic States and that made a big mess. Anyway (don't stop to think, just plough blindly on), in Musashi, which used to be called Japan, they have decided for reasons best left unquestioned to re-enact the Warring States Period of history, but with added mecha and high tech. So far, so confusing. Moving on - there's an Artificial Doll that contains the soul of a dead girl called Horizon, but not her emotions. In fact, her emotions are some sort of super weapon called The Armour Of Deadly Sins and everyone wants that. Except for the student chancellor of Musashi Ariadust Academy, Tori Aoi. He just wants to squeeze her breasts.

The show has good production values and the soundtrack is strong, with swelling orchestras providing a rousing accompaniment to the gobbledegook debates. The battles are rendered with style and slick animation. The encounter between a mecha called a God Of War and two high flying witches is a highlight, although slightly spoiled by the need to pander to the fanservice crowd by having the ridiculously busty witches kiss each other. The series never fails to score high on the fanservice front, as the students of Musashi Ariadust Academy include a harem's worth of overly endowed girls, all targets for Tori's busy hands. Oh, that little lovable scamp.

Most anime feel the need to make sense and to have characters speak comprehensible dialogue. Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere boldly casts off the shackles of convention and fearlessly plunges into new, uncharted, unintelligible territory. It could have been created using Mad Libs. Don't try too hard to unravel this show, it will only give you brain damage.
SCORE: 1/5
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