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15:00 - 12th September 2013, by NEO Staff

No. 6 - Vol 1

Shion lives in an idyllic, futuristic city called No. 6, under a protective dome. In an obvious nod to the sinister surveillance of Big Brother in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, every morning he and his fellow citizens pledge allegiance to the city via a computer screen, and go about their everyday lives in betterment of society. Shion has been groomed for success from an early age, but his cushy life is about to come crashing down around his ears one stormy night, when a stranger appears unceremoniously in his bedroom, taking harbour from the rain. He is an escaped criminal, a cynical young man who calls himself Rat, looking for somewhere to hide. Kind-hearted Shion unquestioningly gives him shelter and aid, but soon finds his good deed lands him in trouble after Rat escapes and the authorities realise Shion's involvement. Kicked out of his elite training, and his home, Shion has to relocate to work in the park services, which is where we pick up with him four years later. Strangely content with his lowly existence, Shion has just begun to notice something very strange is afoot in the parks when a corpse turns up, horribly aged - the victim of some mysterious ailment caused by a bee. Worse, it seems to be contagious. The authorities are attempting to cover the matter up by claiming Shion is responsible - but what is really going on in the supposed paradise of No. 6?

Based on the original series of light novels by Atsuko Asano, this manga adaptation retains the drama and suspense of its origins, making it a great option for anyone too impatient to wait for the (eventual?) release of the anime on these shores.

A futuristic city, mysterious deaths, an underground rebellion, and a government conspiracy - No. 6 has all the boxes ticked for a rip-roaring sci-fi!
SCORE: 4/5
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