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15:00 - 13th October 2013, by David West

Hellsing - The Complete Original Series

The Hellsing Organisation, headed by Sir Integra Hellsing, defends Great Britain from the menace of the undead. The Organisation's greatest weapon is Alucard, an ancient vampire bound to serve Integra. On a mission to eliminate a vampire preying on humans, Alucard mortally wounds a policewoman, Seras Victoria. Offered the choice between death and immortality, Seras decides to become a vampire, joining Alucard and Integra in their battle against evil.

The original adaptation of Kouta Hirano's action / horror series is back from the grave in this new edition. The series first aired in 2001, and deviates from the manga plotline more than the later Hellsing Ultimate anime, which heavily amped up the gore, violence and bust sizes of all the female characters. The Original Series is not without bloodshed, but it doesn't revel in the mayhem like the Ultimate version.

The animation is very uneven and shows its age. The music is mainly J-rock, which does not fit the mood of a horror show that cries out for a baroque symphony. The script addresses Seras' struggle to accept her vampiric nature, but her character is hopelessly ineffectual, and she shows little growth. The blank look on her face limits the voice acting, and she sounds emotionally flat. All that said, Hellsing is tremendously and bloodily entertaining. While many plotlines are left unresolved at the end, the pace bounces briskly along and Alucard is a great anti-hero.

It has its flaws, but Hellsing is a series well worth bringing back from the dead.
SCORE: 4/5
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