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16:00 - 9th November 2013, by David West

Inu X Boku Secret Service - Collection

Ririchiyo Shirakiin has just moved into the exclusive Maison de Ayakashi, an apartment complex so prestigious that every resident has their own Secret Service agent assigned to protect them. Ririchiyo's bodyguard is Soushi Miketsukami, who, from the moment they meet, is utterly devoted to his new charge. However, all the residents share a strange secret - they are partially descended from monsters, giving them fantastic abilities.

Inu X Boku Secret Service has plenty of supernatural elements, but the centre of the story is the relationship between Ririchiyo and her protector. Ririchiyo is the archetypal Poor Little Rich Girl - she comes from a wealthy family but feels her parents didn't love her. As a result, she is deeply insecure and drives people away with barbed putdowns. However, Soushi is impossible to insult. He savours any chance to debase himself before his employer and constantly grovels at her feet, which is mighty creepy.

It is hard to see who the show is aimed at. The humour is quite childish, but the script is littered with overt references to sado-masochism which are hardly kid-friendly. The supernatural components are underdeveloped and never meaningfully connect with the twisted romance plotline. The pace tends towards the glacial - one entire episode is devoted to Ririchiyo trying to summon up the guts to ask Soushi to go for a coffee. Then there's the uncomfortable fact that he's 22 and she's 15. Dodgy, much?

Inu X Boku is not a bad show; it's just a bit dull - despite being kinky.
SCORE: 2.5/5
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