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16:00 - 31st December 2013, by NEO Staff

Spiritual Police: Volume 1

From the author of Embracing Love comes this supernatural love story concerning an uptight and sensitive cop called Nagatsuma, and a blind masseuse called Aoi. Suffering from work related stress, Nagatsuma is referred to Aoi, and after questioning his abilities, both due to his age, and his disability, Nagatsuma is embarrassed to find his fears completely unfounded, as Aoi manages to clear his stomach ache with his magic touch. After another meeting, Aoi gives Nagatsuma a cryptic warning which turns out to be related to a case that he is unexpectedly called away to. Suspecting a link between Aoi and the suspects, Nagatsuma returns, full of confusion, to learn that Aoi has special abilities that allow him to see auras and visions. The pair immediately get down to some impromptu loving, and so the romance is sparked. But there are problems ahead for the couple, including lies, betrayal, and a neat twist at the finale. Nitta's artwork is beautiful, and her leading men - whilst they have an unfortunate tendency to look incredibly alike - are drop dead gorgeous. There's angst and drama aplenty here, which does have a tendency to grate at times.

Paranormal abilities, a cop in distress - boy's love drama from the artist who brought you Embracing Love.
SCORE: 3/5
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