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12:00 - 28th March 2014, by David West

Nisemonogatari: Part 2

In the final four episodes of Nisemonogatari, former vampire Koyomi Araragi has to protect his youngest sister Tsukihi from a pair of supernatural warriors who hunt down immortal creatures. As it turns out, Tsukihi has just such a being - a bird - living inside her without her knowing it.

The strengths and weaknesses of the series, which is the sequel to Bakemonogatari, remain the same in this last batch. It looks fabulous, with inventive and original design work, bold use of camera angles, good animation and a daring use of colours. On the other hand, the dialogue in this subs only release resolutely defies easy translation into English. The script is littered with puns and wordplay that vanish like dew on a summer's morning in the subtitles. What remains is dialogue that goes in endless circles and conversations that suck all the air out of the room. The series is full of sexual tension between Koyomi and his sisters, which, when combined with his regular attempts to molest his schoolgirl friend Hachikuji, make the whole experience decidedly creepy, although nothing in these episodes can compete with their sheer wrongness of the tooth-brushing sequence from part one. The action scenes, when they come, are deliriously violent and exquisitely rendered, but are, alas, all too brief, and the endless tongue-twisting dialogue soon resumes.

Visually a masterpiece, sexually deeply unsavoury, verbally excessively loquacious, Nisemonogatari is a challenge. Up for it?
SCORE: 3/5
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