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19:00 - 28th March 2014, by David West

Robotech: Love Live Alive

Robotech: Love Live Alive dusts off an OVA from the 1980s that was only ever released on video in Japan after the conclusion of the Genesis Climber Mospeada anime, which became the basis for The Third Robotech War when it was edited and dubbed into English.

Love Live Alive combines the OVA with footage from the series and a handful of new scenes to expand it from the original 52 minutes to a 90 minute feature. The result is essentially a recap of the series, like a Best Of compilation. An alien race called The Invid invades Earth, but humanity puts up a fight. At the centre of the story is Lancer Belmont, the bishonen rock star turned soldier, and his adventures are framed as flashbacks during an interview with a journalist before one of his wonderfully cheesy concerts. More time to explore the characters would be welcome, and not one but two of the heroes fall in love with Invids who have assumed human form, which is repetitive but a classic sci-fi plot device. The music is the very essence of the '80s, all synthesisers and electronic drums. The animation inevitably looks very dated as Mospeada aired in Japan in 1983 and 1984, so steer clear if you don't have a taste of vintage anime. Impressively, the producers reunited the original voice cast to reprise their roles, which is a great touch.

This labour of love shows its age, but provides a fun stroll down Robotech's memory lane.
SCORE: 3/5
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