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11:00 - 26th April 2014, by NEO Staff

From The New World, Vols. 1-2

First a novel, then a manga and an anime series, From The New World is making waves and winning awards in multiple media. Likened by its distributors to the behemoth that is Game of Thrones, this comparison seems like a stretch for a story that's set in an alternate, future world where human beings have telekenetic powers, weird creatures called Morph Rats lurk at every turn, and a mysterious conspiracy sees school children disappearing without a trace when they fail to make the grade. It sounds like Michael Gove's home planet.

Rather than comparing the themes of the manga to the latest US flavour du jour - albeit one that is incredibly entertaining, it's best to take From The New World as it comes. It has its moments of exploitative fanservice just like GoT, but there the comparisons end. Look beyond the pervy shower scenes and FTNW offers an intriguing story of a group of teenagers whose telekinetic abilities have just awakened - as has their awareness that their cosy existence might be nothing more than a façade. As our heroine Saki graduates to a new class, her friend Reiko, who is less able, is left behind - to a fate shrouded in mystery, which may involve a gigantic, murderous cat who preys on children. However, everyone's memories of Reiko seem to be wiped - and they have even more to worry about than missing kids when they stumble across a civil war between two groups of monstrous Morph Rats. Just what is going on...?

Complex, engaging and captivating, FTNW has lapses of rather pointless fanservice, but somehow manages to weave a story that takes in incredibly mature themes at the same time. Exceptional stuff.
SCORE: 5/5
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