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10:00 - 4th June 2014, by NEO Staff

High School Debut: Vols. 1-3

Haruna is a young, naïve high school girl looking for a love affair torn out of the pages of her favourite shoujo manga series. Her plan to capture the man of her dreams? Why, it's a simple matter of following the directions in her favourite fashion magazines, of course! What could possibly go wrong? Well, as you may have guessed, quite a bit. Haruna bumbles from one fashion disaster to the next, desperately hoping that the right combination of fashion accessories will lead some guy to notice her existence. Eventually, she does get some male attention - but it's from the laconic Yoh, a cool teen with an eye for first impressions. He agrees to be her love coach - with one proviso. She must not, under any circumstances, fall for him. We wonder how this'll turn out...

VIZ Media's bumper edition contains the collected first three volumes of Kazune Kawahara's shoujo series - a charming, if predictable comedy romance that follows the earnest ex-softball player as she takes her first, hesitant steps towards love. The series is light hearted, and the characters well developed - you can't help sympathise with the ditzy Haruna as she blunders from one faux pas to another!

Sweet, kind hearted comedy and romance - it might not break the shoujo mould, but it's a great light read for fans of the genre!
SCORE: 4/5
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