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11:00 - 21st June 2014, by David West

Fairy Tail Collection 7

This next batch of magical shenanigans from Fairy Tail starts off in filler mode with three lightweight comedy episodes in a row, followed by a lengthy flashback to Natsu's childhood that provides a reminder that he is supposed to be trying to find his missing father, the dragon Igneel. Progress on that front has been glacially slow. Finally, the series settles down into an extended plotline as the Fairy Tail Guild is sucked through a vortex into a parallel world called Edolas, where magic is a finite resource and the evil King plans to turn the guild members into magical energy.

As a series, Fairy Tail has always had a wide vein of comedy running through its core, so even the introduction of this threat doesn't darken the tone for very long. The most fun part of this storyline is meeting the Edolas counterparts to the Fairy Tail Guild characters, including a particularly feisty version of Lucy. There are major revelations about the origin of Natsu's little cat buddy Happy and Wendy's feline companion Carla (Charlie in the Japanese). The world building in Edolas feels haphazard, but as a show aimed at a younger audience, perhaps sweating the details is judging the anime by the wrong standards. It's bright, colourful and loud (Natsu himself is the last two of those) and, to borrow a phrase from the BBFC, contains Mild Peril. You've been warned!

The shrill comedy may grate on adults' nerves, but kids should fall under Fairy Tail's spell.
SCORE: 3/5
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