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16:00 - 28th June 2014, by David West

Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Collection

Hakufu and her outrageously top-heavy friends return for another round of bra-busting action in Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians. Yuji Shiozaki's original manga, called Battle Vixens in English, set the stage with a bunch of teenagers carrying the spirits of ancient Chinese warriors from The Romance Of Three Kingdoms, compelling them to do battle in the modern world. This time, peace reigns between the former rivals, until a bitter, mysterious young magician hatches a plot to turn them all against each other. Plus, a new girl appears claiming to be Hakufu's long lost younger sister Chubo, and Hosen Ryofu seems to have returned from the dead.

Surprisingly, there is not as much action in this collection as in the earlier series, with more time devoted to unfolding the plot and exploring the relationships between the characters. And dishing out fanservice. The camera is forever either peering down tops or peaking up skirts and all the girls (who are meant to be 16!) have enormous, pneumatic breasts drawn in a style that makes them look like they have implants. The key characters - Hakufu, Ryomou, Koukin - stick to their established personas, leaving it to the newcomers to provide the surprises. The absence of Ryomou's signature submission holds is disappointing, but all the fighters have clearly mastered a martial art technique that allows them to tear each other's clothes open at the chest in every encounter. Cue nosebleeds.

Great Guardians won't stimulate your brain, but may well provoke a reaction in other body parts.
SCORE: 3/5
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