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16:00 - 30th June 2014, by David West

Chrome Shelled Regios: Collection 2

Adapted from a series of light novels, Chrome Shelled Regios is a dense piece of work. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans live in mobile cities under constant threat from giant mutant bugs called Contaminoids. Layfon Alseif belongs to the 17th Platoon of the city of Zuellni, fighting to protect his home while also competing against other Platoons in contests to find the best warriors. So far, so sci-fi - but then add in a very large cast of characters, alternate worlds, and entities called Electric Spirits that are the embodiment of ruined cities and a potential source of almost limitless power to the fighters... While the series' ambitious scope is admirable, the script becomes very tangled thanks to an excess of plot strands. Layfon's need to atone for his past mistakes is the most coherent of the storylines, whereas the alternate worlds business is never properly explored or explained, even if it adds some trippy visuals to the proceedings. The character designs are big on hair. Siena's massive blond curls are a miracle of modern engineering, and Final Fantasy inspired spiky hairstyles are all the rage. The outfits are more functional than inspired, but at least there are few shots looking up the girls' short skirts. Action scenes are respectably energetic and the Contaminoids are all kinds of ugly. That's probably why they're so angry. No one loves them. Aww.

Too many ideas fight for screentime, but you can't fault the series for want of scope.
SCORE: 3/5
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