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16:00 - 2nd July 2014, by David West

Fate/Zero Part 2

The Holy Grail War comes to its bloody-soaked climax, with Servants and Masters battling it out to the bitter end - but the result of their struggles and sacrifices is not what anyone anticipated. The second batch of Fate/Zero ups the horror quotient considerably, opening with a battle against a hideous tentacle monster and including grotesque parasitic worms, dismemberment and murder. That latter element can make for uncomfortable viewing, as there are three separate scenes of women being strangled shown in an unsettling manner. At the midway mark, the story jumps back in time to provide background and motivation for the ruthless Kiritsugu. It's quite a departure from the Grail Wars, with blood-sucking vampires called Dead Acolytes on a rampage, but it adds some vital depth to one of the principal participants in the conflict. Action scenes remain a consistent highlight, and this volume's offerings include a high speed chase between Rider on his chariot and Saber on a motorcycle, and a Matrix style dust-up between Kiritsugu and the priest Kotomine, complete with bullet-time slow mo. There are some significant revelations about characters besides Kiritsugu, including the identity of the Servant called Berserker (which is different here than it was in Fate/Stay Night, which is intriguing). The outbreak of violence against the female characters is unwelcome, but outside of those three scenes Fate/Zero is a prequel that surpasses its anime progenitor for action and intensity.

If you kids can't play nice and share the Holy Grail, none of you deserve it.
SCORE: 4/5
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