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16:00 - 3rd July 2014, by NEO Staff

Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition 1

One hundred years ago, after being decimated by a race of mysterious giants known as Titans, humanity retreated behind a series of walls, built 50 metres high. Inside the settlements, mankind rested uneasily - until one day, a colossal Titan even larger than the great walls launched an attack that breached the defences. Overcome by the invading forces, three young friends - Eren, Mikasa and Armin - managed to escape the carnage. Five years later, as part of the armed forces, they face the Titans once more. But what drives the Titans to attack - and devour? What lies beyond the wall? Where did this new, giant Titan come from, and what does it want? And why does it seem to be that much more intelligent than the others? This shonen series combines mystery, intrigue and plenty of gory action to create one of the best mangas we've read in a long time.

This enormous tome collects together five volumes of the Attack on Titan manga series - get a head start on the anime series before it's released this year by Manga Entertainment!

Prepare yourself for the onslaught that is Attack on Titan - a whirlwind ride of epic proportions. Humanity's last stand begins here...
SCORE: 5/5
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