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15:00 - 25th July 2014, by David West

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero

Akatsuki Ousawa returns to Earth after becoming an unlikely hero in the magical land of Alayzard, where he slew the demon king who entrusted his daughter Miu to Akatsuki's protection before expiring. The two teens enrol at Babel Academy, a facility for training youngsters who have crossed dimensions and returned with special abilities. There they deal with secret plots, making friends and enemies, and finding the perfect bra for Miu.

Aesthetica is a harem, fanservice show with a pronounced fantasy streak. It makes the unusual choice of not making the lead character a blank cipher. Instead Akatsuki is brash, cocksure and not shy about grabbing Miu's voluminous breasts. The script tries to strike a balance between his obnoxious personality and giving him a heart of gold, but his signature move is the ability to remove any girl's underwear in the blink of an eye. The other harem members tick all the standard boxes - the slim, athletic lesbian (Izumi), the lolita girl (Kuzuha) and the stuck-up snooty one (Haruka).

The series' biggest problem is the half-baked writing. Too many plot holes are simply brushed over - when Miu asks why she's naked after crossing between worlds, Akatsuki (who still has his clothes) replies, 'More about that later,' and the subject is never mentioned again. The dialogue favours action movie clichés - 'Bring it on!' is a favourite. Production values are modest, particularly in the often stiff animation.

Aesthetica delivers generously on the fanservice front, but as fantasy it's not exactly Game Of Thrones.
SCORE: 2/5
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