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17:00 - 23rd August 2014, by David West

Naruto Shippuden - Box Set 18

Well, after the devastation of Pain’s attack on the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto Shippuden can perhaps be forgiven for taking a moment to catch its breath and let the characters and the viewer recover their equilibrium ahead of what will presumably be major events in the near future.

This latest batch of episodes moves the plot forwards with a nudge or two as the five great ninja nations begin preparations for the outbreak of the Fourth Great Ninja War against the Akatsuki. Determined to prevent the last two tailed beasts falling into the hands of the enemy, Naruto is sent away from the village to hide out with Killer Bee, bearer of the Eight Tailed Beast. Of course, Naruto believes he’s going on a super important mission, not going into hiding. On route to the location of his ‘mission’, various minor adventures occur. This is largely filler territory for the series, but that’s not to say there are not moments to enjoy. Guy Sensei has a prominent role in several episodes and always delivers comedy gold, seen in a great sequence when he challenges Kakashi to a race that descends into them hurling kitchen utensils at each other. Other episodes are more insubstantial, like a story involving the ship carrying Naruto and co. facing a whirlpool and rocks that inexplicably sprout out of ocean. As filler goes, this is perfectly digestible, if hardly nutritious.

Without wishing to sound hawkish, stop dawdling, Naruto, and get to the Fourth Ninja War already!
SCORE: 3/5
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