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15:56 - 25th November 2014, by Andrew Osmond

From the New World - Part 2

From the New World’s conclusion gets many things right, and many wrong as well. But if you were intrigued and surprised by volume one, it’s well worth going the distance.

The young woman Saki remains central, haunted by the missing and the dead, but now the ugly rat creatures become very important (especially their commander, Squealer, who ends up the most interesting character). The early episodes on the set lack snap and excitement, seeming to dance around a plot going nowhere. Don’t fret; it all pays off, with an explosive cataclysm in the middle, a cataclysm with a human face. A last run of underground adventures is sadly less striking, and sexist to boot.

The visuals and storytelling both continue to veer between clumsily stilted and spectacularly good (the giant mutant fish is terrific). The show truly resembles an epic novel, its grand tragedies unfolding over many years. Some of the sci-fi ideas, specifically those with the rats, are developed with ghastly elegance, even when they’re guessable in advance. Other issues, including the shock revelations in volume one, are just waved away outrageously, as if the writer plain forgot how the show started!

The flaws don’t stop this being original and fascinating.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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