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12:44 - 26th January 2015, by Andrew Osmond

Blast of Tempest

This eccentric fantasy-action show is best as the story of two oddly-matched schoolboys and the secrets they hide from each other. In contemporary Japan, the effete-seeming Yoshino is attacked by a sexy woman assassin and then witnesses a terrible phenomenon which turns every living thing in the area into metal. Apart from Yoshino, the only person who’s somehow unaffected is his wealthy schoolmate – “friend” would be too strong – Mahiro. That’s because Mahiro has a strange doll, which puts him in contact with a sorceress on a desert island.

There’s loads more plot, involving secret clans, secret armies, two ancient magic trees which hate each other’s roots, and lots of Shakespeare quotes. The first episode is terrible, dumping fights and catastrophes on screen without any effort to interest or involve the viewer. It improves as we start piecing together Yoshino’s and Masahiro’s peculiar, intriguing relationship. For those of you wondering, it’s pretty homoerotic (not that either character would admit it!). However, both boys are motivated by their memories of Masahiro’s beautiful murdered sister, with much of their story told through long flashbacks, frankly more interesting than all the action-fantasy.

It’s very silly, though with some good ideas used smartly. The lengthy final confrontation feels oddly like Death Note, as two cunning enemies try to out-think and out-argue each other. But the dialogue often just recaps a plot that’s not actually so complicated, adding to the sense of a good series half-buried under nonsense and verbiage.

Some good character work, but the “epic” fantasy side is a guilty pleasure at best.
SCORE: 3/5
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