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10:25 - 27th January 2015, by NEO Staff

Nekomonogatari White

It’s said that cats have nine lives. That would suggest that the life of a typical feline must be riddled with all kinds of danger and impending doom. For Nekomonogatari (Cat Story), the biggest threat to life is death by fanservice.

The opening two episodes of the season’s five are filled almost exclusively with dense, dialogue-heavy scenes. To keep the viewer alert and perky, fan service is dotted around with reckless abandon. “Oi, why is there a giant tiger burning down my house?” “Who cares, let’s shower together!”. We’re not experts, but we reckon you really should sort out a Godzilla sized cat problem first before attending to matters of personal hygiene…

Where did the massive beast come from, and why can’t anyone else see it? All will be revealed, albeit very slowly. Yet, the absurdness of it all should muster up enough curiosity to get through the remaining episodes.

Its closing episode compiles everything that’s been great about the Monogatari series thus far; fantastic, stylish animation and editing, combined with bold colours and a deep story (finally!). Expect refreshing undertones that touch on topics of depression and mental health issues, too.

Existing Monogatari fans will no doubt gather enjoyment as the story skips back to the events prior to Bakemonogaratari, focusing entirely on Koyomi Araragi’s classmate, Tsubasa Hanekawa.

The Nekomonologues – as we are now calling it – has enough merit to keep current fans happy, but won’t be winning any new ones, regardless of how cute it looks with cat ears.
SCORE: 3/5
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