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14:09 - 26th February 2015, by NEO Staff

Bleach Complete Series 13

Spanning 25 episodes, this 13th series of Bleach makes up an impressive part of the Arrancar Arc, which is slowly reaching its crescendo, having been interrupted by a filler arc or two since it began.

However, apart from a couple of missed beats for recaps or goofy filler episodes, this series is pretty much wall-to-wall action. Some of the biggest and best fights in Bleach’s long run take place in their entirety through these episodes, and most of them focus on characters who have been greatly underused in the past – the battles between the Visoreds and Aizen’s top Arrancars in particular aren’t to be missed.
If you’ve made it this far in the series, then you’re almost certainly a diehard Bleach fan already, and these clashes serve as the perfect illustration of everything that Bleach stands for, which is a mob of angry ghosts trying to impale each other with ridiculous swords. And while we wouldn’t want that any other way, the series doesn’t skimp on the character development either, granting viewers a lot of insight into what drives most of the major players, be they Arrancars, Shinigami, or somewhere in between.

The series’ last few episodes will certainly leave you with the feeling that there’s a lot more to come – and a lot more fights to be fought – before this arc will be resolved, though depending on how much you like cliff-hangers, it’ll either be a frustrating or truly exhilarating culmination of the box set.

If you love Bleach, this series will have everything you want. With fierce battles and strong characters, it’s a vital addition to the story – and your DVD collection.
SCORE: 4/5
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