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12:00 - 8th March 2015, by NEO Staff

Fairy Tail Collection 3

While the last arc of Fairy Tail was a tumultuous bundle of magical mayhem, the newest collection takes things to new heights. The Fairy Tail mages are reluctantly teamed up with some representatives from each of the other main guilds, on a daring mission to take down the Oración Seis, a cabal of dark wizards acting as the driving force behind most of the eldritch ne’er-do-wells the gang have faced off against before.

One of Fairy Tail’s strong points is definitely in its pace, and this collection of episodes is no different. It kicks things off with a couple of short, self-contained stories to allow viewers to re-familiarise themselves with the world, and then dives headfirst into a new arc that raises the stakes ever-higher. Though this collection’s plots definitely revolve around well-worn story tropes that will probably seem all too familiar at times, it still manages to be entertaining, and the multitude of eccentric new characters lend some novelty to the proceedings.

Art-wise, Fairy Tail is a bit of a mixed bag. The colours look as vibrant and fun as you could hope for, and the action scenes in particular don’t skimp on the flashy flair. But unfortunately, the same can’t always be said for the animation, which lacks the polish you’d expect – there’s a lot of awkwardly motionless shots, even in the middle of otherwise hectic battle scenes.

However, if you’re a fan of the series already, or you’re looking for something to scratch that classic shonen-battle itch, then you won’t be disappointed with the latest offering from Fiore’s most rambunctious wizards.

It probably won’t hold many surprises for you, but there aren’t too many complaints to be had about this arc of arcane action.
SCORE: 3/5
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