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11:00 - 14th March 2015, by NEO Staff

Prophecy: Vol 1

The newly formed Anti Cyber Crimes Division of Metro PD has their work cut out for them. Tackling online piracy is child’s play compared to the menace that’s brewing in one of the anonymous cyber cafes in the metropolitan sprawl. A vigilante masked by newspaper is causing a commotion by using the power of the internet to deal out his own brand of justice – and public opinion is swinging his way, as the upvotes come pouring in and armchair warriors band behind him. With Erika Yoshino in charge of the department, the group might just stand a chance – this sexy, cool headed and incredibly unpleasant cop is more than a match for most of the internet denizens she comes up against. But can she take on an army of copycats – and is there even one true perpetrator, given the variety of different physical descriptions given of the criminal?

Swaying occasionally towards hyperbole and melodrama, Prophecy tackles a variety of fascinating and timely themes through a distinctly Japanese lens, making it a refreshing change of pace from western stories surrounding the same themes. Mob mentality, copyright laws, ownership of digital media, and internet anonymity are all woven into this story of revenge and violence, where vigilante justice is meted out for the approval of the online community. With no real heroes amongst the cast, Prophecy challenges the reader to constantly evaluate their moral compass.

Prophecy tackles some of the most important social themes of the day – and delivers a uniquely Japanese take on cybercrime.
SCORE: 4/5
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