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15:00 - 19th April 2015, by NEO Staff

Michiko & Hatchin Vol 2

An escaped criminal searching for her lost love. A young girl fleeing her abusive foster family. Oh, and a bad-ass scooter. Yes, whichever way you look at it, Michiko to Hatchin is one of the coolest animes you will ever see.

Volume two picks up as the titular pair are reunited once more on their quest to find the elusive Hiroshi Morenos, Michiko’s former beau and Hatchin’s biological father. Travelling through a landscape infused with Latin culture, their journey is as much emotional as it is physical, and first-time director Sayo Yamamoto tells both sides of the story with accomplished flair.

The rich South American backdrops lend themselves perfectly to her cinematic directing style, with lush jungles, stark deserts and bustling urban sprawls coming to life beneath Alexandre Kassin’s tremendous soundtrack. While the snappy action sequences push episodes along at breakneck pace, Yamamoto is equally unafraid to focus on smaller, more relatable moments that explore the bond between these two women, and their relationship with a world that seems set against them.

The end, when it comes, rounds things off a little too quickly and neatly, but Michiko & Hatchin was only ever about the journey. You’ll not regret coming along for the ride.

Combining high-stakes action with wonderful warmth and humour, Michiko & Hatchin does ‘girl-power’, anime-style.
SCORE: 5/5
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