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11:00 - 25th April 2015, by NEO Staff

Drug & Drop Vol. 1

Brooding pretty boys Kazahaya and Rikuo get a new outing in Drug & Drop, the sequel series to Legal Drug, which resumed the story in Japan after an eight-year hiatus. The series follows the aforementioned pair, who work for the mysterious Green Drugstore: dividing their time between stacking shelves, fending off the advances of amorous female customers, and taking on supernatural jobs for the store’s eccentric (and psychic) owner.

Although there isn’t much to summarise the backstory for new readers in this volume – which can be confusing for a sequel series resuming with a new name – the premise is quickly established, and you’re unlikely to be left confused for too long, as the volume jumps straight into a new arc at a quick pace. Fans of xxxHolic will also be pleased to see a fairly prominent crossover cameo from one of its lead characters in this volume!

When the art is at its best, it looks rich and varied, with a deep level of texture and detail, and a lot of interesting layouts in the panels that keep the eye engaged without looking cluttered on the page. Unfortunately, this level of quality isn’t maintained throughout. Every so often a page appears with very plain, almost simplistic lineart, which doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the book, and detracts from the overall experience.

Drug & Drop manages to resume the story in a way that is absorbing for both experienced readers of the series, and the uninitiated – and though the opening arc isn’t the most exciting, its hints towards a larger plot and the potential for future chapters make this a series worth keeping an eye on.

A fresh start that doesn’t always hit the mark, but has room to get better and better.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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