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09:15 - 19th June 2015, by NEO Staff

Maria The Virgin Witch

Combining sexy demons, devout Catholics, do-gooder witches and a God with a laissez-faire attitude, Maria The Virgin Witch is medieval Europe as only Japan could possibly imagine it.

Maria, the titular witch, is a horny youngster who lives in the woods, accompanied by her succubus, Artemis. At night, Artemis goes forth into the camps to seduce the armies of France and England, in order to prevent war from breaking out. Despite her creation’s lascivious ways, Maria herself is a virgin – although that’s not for lack of pining for the day she can finally rid herself of her unwanted condition. However, when it comes to men, Maria is completely clueless!

One thing she is sure of, however, is that the Church and even God himself are remiss in allowing mankind to fight and murder one another. Using her incredible magical power, Maria has no qualms in meddling with human affairs to bring about peace. However, she didn’t reckon on the intervention of Archangel Michael, who explains to Maria that God know what’s he’s doing, thank you very much. After judgement is passed on the meddling witch, she’s cursed with a very peculiar ailment – she will lose her magical powers completely if she ever loses her virginity…

Irreverent, surprisingly risqué, and beautifully illustrated, Maria The Virgin Witch is an action comedy rife with slapstick humour and continual swipes at the Catholic Church.

A fascinating take on medieval witchcraft and the dogma of the church, Maria The Virgin Witch leaps into action with style in this first, outrageous instalment.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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