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11:00 - 9th August 2015, by David West

Log Horizon Part 2, Episodes 14-25

The goblins are on the loose in the second instalment of Log Horizon, about a group of gamers who find themselves living in the world of the MMORPG Elder Tales. This batch begins with a group of youngsters learning the importance of teamwork as they undertake their first dungeon raid, but the star of the show remains Shiro, the master strategist and leader of the Log Horizon guild.

If anything, the shortcomings of the first half of the series are exacerbated this time around. The middle chunk of this set is devoted to dealing with an invasion of goblins, but that’s less exciting on screen than it should be. Action scenes are consistently short and underwhelming, a matter not helped by the stiff animation. And instead of monster mashing, most of the series is filled up with long passages of exposition and characters debating what to do next. The stakes are lowered with the knowledge that the adventurers are effectively immortal – any adventurer who dies in combat returns to life in the cathedral of their home city. That’s a poor dramatic choice as it means there is nothing to lose when the characters leap into battle. Once the goblin menace is vanquished, focus turns to a big festival in Akihabara as two girls, Minori and Akatsuki, compete for Shiro’s attentions. It’s an odd state of affairs when a fantasy series works better as comedy instead of adventure.

Log Horizon excels at highly detailed world building, but is underweight in action and dramatic intensity.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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