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11:00 - 23rd August 2015, by NEO Staff

Familiar of Zero Season 3

Diminutive mage Louise the Zero and her familiar (who happens to be a Japanese teenager named Saito) are back for another bunch of magical scrapes and romantic misunderstandings. After losing his life – albeit briefly – in the previous series, Saito finds that the magical contract that binds him to the overbearing Louise is fading, and with it, his magical power set. Will Saito choose to stay loyal to Louise in the face of the newest enemy to make an appearance, or will he be lured away by one of the other ladies who seem to throw themselves at him with alarming regularity?

On its surface, Familiar of Zero has all the markers of your standard fantasy action battle series – knights, magic, monsters, and sassy talking swords. But they serve more as a backdrop to explore the on-again, off-again romance between the two leads, which swings wildly between the poles of all-consuming passion and extreme physical violence; sometimes within the space of a few lines of dialogue. How much you enjoy the series will probably depend on your affection for this kind of dynamic – if you’ve a fondness for tsundere types, then the main relationship will be right up your alley, but for everyone else, the shrill bickering will begin to grate after a couple of episodes.

The third season of Familiar of Zero doesn’t break any new ground, but it doesn’t outstay its welcome either, and fans of the franchise will be happy to get another fix of amorous arcane argy-bargy.

No surprises here, but if you're a fan of the romcom-fantasy mix, you might find a laugh or two.
SCORE: 2.5/5
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