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11:00 - 31st August 2015, by NEO Staff

Elfen Lied Collector's Edition

When people speak in hushed tones about anime violence, Elfen Lied is probably one of the shows that springs to mind. While Akira is one of the better-known gore-fests in the average otaku library, the lesser known Elfen Lied has the distinction of laying everything out on a platter in one of the most infamous anime openings ever, as a naked woman makes her way through an underground facility, using her mental powers to explode a series of security guards into so much bloody pulp. As openings go, it’s certainly an attention-grabber. Naked chicks and pools of blood are certainly a great way to get tongues wagging.

Elfen Lied has been out of the spotlight for a good few years now, but 101 Anime have brought it back from the brink for this limited edition Blu-ray, which comes complete in a metal case with all 13 episodes and the OVA, which was not previously available in ADV’s version. Not only is this the first high-def outing for the show, and not only is it the first time the OVA has been available, but it also contains an exclusive 36 page booklet – although this was not available at the time of review.

If you missed this strangely affecting, occasionally stomach-churning show the first time around, this is the perfect opportunity to rectify your mistake in perhaps the most definitive edition for Elfen Lied we’re ever likely to get. Just be warned – the opening was very much setting the scene for copious amounts of both blood and nudity throughout the show!

Bloody, heart-wrenching, and stomach-churning, Elfen Lied is the horror show of your nightmares.
SCORE: 4/5
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