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15:00 - 4th November 2015, by NEO Staff

Manga Dogs Vol 1

Step into the world of Kanna Tezuka, a 15-year-old girl who decides to enrol in her school’s new manga class, to pursue dreams of a career in print. There are only a few problems. First of all, the school doesn’t take the subject seriously at all, arranging a teacher who can’t even pronounce “manga” correctly, and who thinks a day trip to a manga café is the height of educational excellence. Secondly, hardly anyone else has turned up for the new subject – just Kanna and three other wannabees. And, thirdly – Kanna is already a published manga author, but following her debut, she’s struggling to keep up the popularity of her story, Teach Me Buddha! Will she ever get any work done in class when she’s constantly being harassed by these newbies?!

Manga Dogs is a hilarious satire written and drawn by Ema Toyama, who also worked on I Am Here! and Missions of Love. This comedy series is alive with witty in jokes and loads of references to the manga industry – and publishers Kodansha have thoughtfully provided a handy set of notes at the back in order for you to follow along with the obscure references.

The running joke here is that Kanna’s three fellow students want the fame and fortune of being manga-kas, but have no obvious talents, nor the drive to develop them. Naming them Prince Burly Dolt, Specs Delusion and Weirdo Dream-Kid, Kanna tries to keep her distance – but will she in fact find a use for her three manga dogs?

Hilarious, lively, and off the wall humour in Ema Toyama’s tale of a manga-ka gone back to school.
SCORE: 5/5
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