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08:41 - 21st October 2015, by David West

009 Re: Cyborg

When suicide bombers bring down skyscrapers around the world in a series of apparently unconnected attacks, the 00 Cyborgs re-form to find the source of the carnage. But the only clue is that all the bombers spoke of hearing His Voice telling them what to do.

Cyborg 009 was a manga created by Shotaro Ishinomori in the 1960s about nine cyborgs from across the world fighting to protect mankind from the evil Black Ghost organisation. This new feature from Kenji Kamiyama updates the design of the characters and brings them to the screen with considerable visual flair thanks to the combined efforts of Production I.G and CG animators Sanzigen. Some of the individual set pieces are impressive – Kamiyama references Ghost In The Shell with a beautiful shot of cyborg Francoise jumping out of an aircraft like Kusanagi leaping off the skyscraper in GITS – but Kamiyama’s script is a turkey. Characters vanish without rhyme or reason, or incredulously pop up exactly when and where they are needed. Hero Joe starts the tale with his memory wiped but even Dr Gilmore, leader of the 00 Cyborgs, can’t seem to swallow the flimsy excuse for that decision. Even less convincing is the force behind the bombings. Spoiler alert – it’s God who is apparently having an Old Testament moment. But if God wants to cleanse the Earth and start again, why suicide bombers and not another flood?

009 Re: Cyborg’s aesthetic accomplishments are undercut by dodgy theology and a screenplay full of holes.
SCORE: 2/5
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