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15:00 - 13th November 2015, by NEO Staff

One Piece: Collection 11

This latest One Piece collection contains episodes from two arcs widely held as the best in the entire saga. Picking up midway through the Water 7 arc, the crew of the Going Merry find themselves divided, struggling in the aftermath of Robin’s abandonment. Robin has left to join the shady CP9 government agency, and so, separated from each other, the crew must find a way to regroup and mount a rescue mission before Robin travels beyond Enies Lobby, and outside of their grasp.

The Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs are the definition of the ‘all killer, no filler’ mantra, which in shonen anime is a rare thing indeed. They maintain a cracking pace, whipping through short but sweet fight sequences, great comic moments, and a genuinely riveting storyline. The narrative flows seamlessly through this 23-episode collection, taking one of the show’s most secretive characters, Nico Robin, and placing her at the heart of a mystery story that unfolds with more twists than a 1950s dancefloor.

It makes a refreshing change from the multi-episode filler-fest showdowns that can make watching shonen a real hit-and-miss experience. Instead, these episodes reward a close watch, as each of the characters starts a personal journey to greater strength, as well as a physical one. It’s a welcome reminder of why, even after 17 years, One Piece still holds a special place in the hearts of anime fans everywhere.

A brilliant box-set that spans two of the show’s best arcs, Collection 11 is a deserving part of any fan’s collection.
SCORE: 5/5
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