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15:00 - 22nd November 2015, by NEO Staff

The Comic Artist and His Assistants

The Comic Artist and His Assistants, much as the name suggests, is a series that follows the (mis)adventures of a manga artist, and his harem-like gang of female assistants. That artist, Yuki Aito, spends far too much of his time pursuing the amorous attentions of those assistants, and not enough time occupied by his actual work. At least according to his whip-cracking editor Mihari Otosuna, who tries to keep him on track.

There’s really very little else to say about the plot of The Comic Artist and His Assistants. Each episode is a series of vignettes that centres on the supposed protagonist’s attempts to either grope or seduce his assistants, or alternatively to turn his fantasies about the above into an equally degenerate manga. Wearing his ‘perverted’ status as a badge of honour, his unwanted efforts are nonetheless quickly forgiven by women who, in spite of their own various aspirations and talents, seem happy enough to play second fiddle to his inept, inappropriate attentions.

The jokes, for the most part, are cringingly simplistic, relying on juvenile humour and lacking in any form of subtlety. With each episode coming in at around the 13-minute mark, however, they are at least fast-paced enough that they don’t dwell on any particular moment of awkwardness for too long.

Billed as a ‘slice-of-life’ comedy, The Comic Artist and His Assistants is more like a teenage boy’s harem fantasy than anything remotely resembling the reality of this kind of harassing behaviour. Remove the sky-high levels of fan service, and unfortunately there’s very little left to recommend.

Puerile, simplistic, and dredging the barrel comedy-wise, The Comic Artist and his Assistants is, much like its protagonist’s obsession, absolutely pants.
SCORE: 1.5/5
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