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11:00 - 19th December 2015, by NEO Staff

One Piece Collection 12

It’s time for the climactic face-off between the Straw Hat Pirates (and their new cyborg ally Franky) and the mysterious forces of CP9, the group of World Government assassins who’ve kidnapped Robin for their nefarious purposes. While the Straw Hats are a ragtag bunch of the best fighters from all over the ocean, they may have met their match in CP9, who have a variety of techniques to outgun the punchy pirates that are both diverse and deadly – not to mention just being incredibly weird!

The two-dozen episode set mainly revolves around the tumultuous battles between our heroes and their newest antagonists, and the pacing is generally at a breakneck speed, jumping between the multiple madcap battles going on throughout this part of the arc. The animation is also of a far greater quality than previous episodes, and really immerses the viewer as the characters crash and smash their way throughout the tower that has become the battleground for their various skirmishes. However, the action is interrupted a couple of times in this set by some filler episodes, which, while enjoyable in themselves, do break up the tension somewhat.

But for the most part, this collection is everything that fans of One Piece crave – a parcel of brutal and often hilarious scraps between superpowered nautical nutters. And while the action might be fast-paced, the story is well-balanced, allowing you to pick up an episode or two from time to time, or simply binge the whole lot in one go – which is probably more likely!

A dozen collections in, the premiere piratical anime still isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.
SCORE: 4/5
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